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Contact person:  Mr. Junbo Yan
Cell phone: 0086 139 7163 0921
Skype ID:  ecopio or junboyan

Our mission and value
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Our mission and value
Our mission:
A way of life to live in harmony.
The philosophy on which is based the choice of products marketed by ECOPIO has deep relationships with the health and lifestyle of the people.Assuming that the health, harmony and balance between us, our environment and the context in which we live are necessary conditions to create wealth, we believe that the concept can be extended also to all the objects that we use every day and that surround us in our work life or home. Based on these assumptions always directs the selection of our products, our goal is to give customers the opportunity to surround themselves, in their daily life, products that will enable them in a position to release the energy, and that the same, freeing in their intrinsic harmony can bring their well-being, health and prosperity.
Our value:
PASSION, HONESTY and INTEGRITY in all relationships.
we are all fully aware that the company’s reputation depends on us. For this reason, the rule is that every person who works with us is fully responsible for his actions at any time.