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Contact person:  Mr. Junbo Yan
Cell phone: 0086 139 7163 0921
Skype ID:  ecopio or junboyan

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ECOPIO respect all of our clients.  Even if you only buy 1 PC from us, you will be treated as our valued client. Because our goal is to build a “ relationship “, not only for business but also for a long time partnership and friendship.  Therefore, ECOPIO supply a full ranges of GUARANTEE.
Generally, most of our items is with 6 monts ~ 2 years guarantee based on different model no.  However, once you are suffering with any problems, we will be right here for a best solution. For some items, free parts will be sent to repair; for some other items, new ones will be shipped to replace.  Or, your payment will be returned. Under our greateast sincerity, there must be always with a right way to find a solution for you. Meanwhile, we are always open mind to follow your ideas or suggestion.