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█Does traditional compound washing powder have any harm?
AnswerAccording to data leftover of traditional compound washing powder will adhere on clothes, being dissolved through sweat and absorbed by skin, will do some harm to the health of human body, and cause skin irritation, lower the blood index, increase women blood diseases and hepatocirrhosis, etc. Also cause serious water source pollution, and bring red tide.
█How does the laundry ball decontaminate?
AnswerLaundry Ball utilizes the elements of physics combining with chemicals, adopting macromolecule activated solid granules and its unique appearance design, during the cause of laundry, slowly releases and emulsifies stains, and produces excessive OH-1 ions, increase PH of the water to dissolve water molecules. The activated molecules easily filter into the inner part of clothes fiber, and make stains combination with fiber become loose. Under the stirring of washing machine, stains are quickly separated from fiber and disperse into the water so as to reach the effect of cleanout.
█Some customers said that the Laundry Ball is effective for dirt, but they are not deodorant, what shall we do?
AnswerAs for the deodorant problem of Laundry Ball, please kindly tell your customers, although Laundry Ball has very good functions of removing peculiar smell, at first, there are so many kinds of peculiar smell that it is impossible for laundry ball to remove all of them since it is not all-purpose. Secondly, do not lie too high expectation on laundry ball, which is only the same but with better environmental protection functions compared with washing powder. It is not realistic for us to require too many differences between laundry ball and washing powder.
█What is the washing order of Laundry Ball?
AnswerUsually, with our laundry ball set, stain sticks will be matched. Coat the stain stick on the part of serious dirt before washing, then dip the clothes and laundry ball in water for 5-10 minutes, and then begin washing.
█Do you have any warranty for the quality of your Laundry Balls? What decides the price?
AnswerOur company always regards the quality as our company's life. Perhaps you can get a lower price from other companies, but the quality will be weakened, especially the refill pellets inside the balls. As the core technology of the laundry balls, the quality of the refill pellets is hard to control and consequently ranges from poor to excellent; meanwhile, the refill pellets decide the price.  We have many years' experience of producing laundry balls, we own the patent and core technology of them, the refill pellets we use are surely the best in China mainland.
█Why the laundry ball is called one type of environmental protection products?
AnswerTests proved that Laundry Ball doesn’t contain harmful chemical element, such as phosphor, boron, hydrargyrum, lead and arsenic, etc. No harm to skin of human body and clothes. Drainage after being washed does not pollute water source, so it is environmental protection product, which has attested by pertinent organizations between home and abroad.
█What advantages does Laundry Ball have?
Answer Laundry Ball is one kind of updating products. It has the following advantages:
1. Replace traditional compound washing powder and soap. Make clothes reach the same cleaning effect of washing powder, and its use is very simple and convenient.
2. Not contain harmful chemical element, such as phosphor and boron, etc. No harm to skin of human body and clothes. Reduce the pollution of water source.
3. Reduce bleaching times, save water and electricity, save time and economy.
4. Never cause skin irritation and hypersusceptibility phenomenon like washing powder.
5. Reusable for many times. Reduce worry of purchasing washing powder.
6. No need of adding softener. Make clothes more soften. Non fading
7. Suitable for cool and warm water because the laundry ball can endure high temperature up to 80℃.
8. Very convenient for use. During the course of bleaching and drying, no need of taking out the laundry ball.
9. This product only contains a few essences. After washing, the clothes are not only fresh, but also avoid discomfort caused by large essence stimulation.
10. This product especially suits for cleaning infant and children’s clothes.
█Is the laundry ball expensive?
AnswerNot expensive!Retail price of the laundry ball in 100 times package is about ××RMB. According to calculation as 2days/time for common family, one ball in 50times can wash 4months, two balls can wash 8months, it only needs to purchase 2boxes laundry balls for one family in one year, namely ××RMB is enough. But for washing powder, according to calculate as 2bags/month, ××RMB for common family, it needs to spend more than ××RMB for one year. Comparing between them, bright customer, do you think which one is more expensive?
█Whether the laundry ball can wash clothes cleanly?
AnswerSure, it can wash cleanly!It can be said that the laundry ball can basically reach functions that compound washing ball can reach.
█Whether the laundry ball is suitable for washing various clothes?
AnswerIn generally, the laundry ball can wash clean various clothes, but washing pure cotton clothes will have more perfect effect than that of washing pure chemical fiber clothes.
█During the period of washing, whether take out the laundry ball from the washing machine?
AnswerNo need of taking out the washing machine. If the washing machine is semi-automatic washing machine, during the course of bleaching and drying, you can take out the laundry ball, which will correspondingly prolong the service life of the laundry ball.
█During the course of washing, don’t take out the laundry ball, whether it will have some harm to clothes and human body?
AnswerNever, because the laundry ball doesn’t contain harmful chemical element, such as phosphor, boron, hydrargyrum, lead and arsenic, etc. Also it releases in micro amount, like people after gargling, still remains bubble of toothpaste. It has no harm to human body. Please use it with reassurance.
█When bleaching, the laundry ball is still in the washing machine, whether it will reduce its using times?
AnswerNever, because the washing time of the laundry ball for every time is calculated by 20~30minutes and the laundry ball can be filled for use in many times. But if it is marinating in water for a long time, that will correspondingly reduce its service life.
█During washing, bubble is very little, whether it can wash clothes cleanly?
AnswerCan!The whole course of that the laundry ball washes clothes is to activate water molecule. That is a newly typed washing way of physicals combining with chemicals. It is different from the pure chemical washing method of compound washing powder.
█Using the laundry ball to wash clothes, why are the clothes softer?
AnswerBecause the whole course of that the laundry ball washes clothes is to activate water molecule, expand fiber of the clothes, so after the clothes are dried, they show very soft.
█Automatic barrel roll washing machine is with little water in it, whether it will have influence on the effect of washing?
AnswerAs long as there is enough water in the washing machine, the laundry ball will activate water and clean clothes.
█During the course of washing, whether the washing effect will become worse and worse?
AnswerWashing clothes with the laundry ball does not like that of compound washing powder. It can add in every time. If using time is more frequent, its washing effect will lower, but it only needs to add the additional fitting granules with bag package, it will resume its former effect.
█Whether the laundry ball can remove oil stains?
AnswerThe laundry ball is same as compound washing powder. It can’t wash clean serious stain, but if it is used with our stain stick, all stains will be cleaned out. Don’t believe? Just try.
█Macromolecule active solid granule in the laundry ball will become smaller and smaller after washing. Will it leak out?
AnswerMacromolecule active solid granules in the laundry ball will never shrink after being washed to about 2~3mm, and this size doesn’t leak out the ball, but the granules still makes actions.
█Whether the temperature of water has some influence on the laundry ball?
AnswerThe laundry ball can endure high temperature up to 80℃. Surpass 80℃, it will lower the using life of the laundry ball, but it will have not influence on the effect. If the temperature of water is excessively lower, it will influence the washing effect.
█What functions do the outer shell and water wings of the laundry ball ?
AnswerAvoid colliding, increase attrition, fasten activation of water molecule, and at the same time protect washing machine.
█There are various colors and luster granules in the laundry ball. Do they have same functions?
AnswerSame!Different color granules are for distinguishing different product batch. If various colors and luster granules have different functions, we will explain in addition.
█Whether the laundry ball should be discarded after being used up?
AnswerNo!In the packing box, there are 2bags macromolecule active solid granules as fittings for free. Only need to put the granules into the ball and can be continuously used.
█Which factors will influence the washing effect of the laundry ball?
AnswerWashing habit of customers, quality requirement, characteristics of stains, types of fabric, field or water quality hardness, temperature, etc. will have certain influence on the washing effect.
█One of my customers said that the Laundry Refilled Pellets are too strong and hard, for example, the black shirt could be turned into gray, I wonder the difference among each color.
AnswerOur Laundry Ball are sold to a lot of countries such as Europe, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Pakistan and India. But we have never received any feedback that our Laundry Ball would fade the clothes, or other bad effects. Moreover, even our own staff uses the Laundry Ball and they found no side or bad effects. Therefore, I can confidently tell you that our Laundry Ball is absolutely of Environmental Protection, health, power & water-saving, no stimulation and no fading.
█How many Laundry Refilled Pellets are needed for a household washing machine?
AnswerIn the case that the washing clothes is less than 20llb in a common household washing machine, 600-650g of refilled pellets are needed, the more you use, the better effects you will gain.
█For Washing Discs: Must I directly put them into the washing machine or just select some of them to put in a basin and with water added to make cleanser?
AnswerFor Washing Discs, its usage it the same with traditional washing powder, which can not only be directly put into washing machine, but also be put in basins, because they are dissolvable when meet water.
█In your website, the white page of Washing Discs tells that: Applied for any kind of color and texture clothing outside material, especially for cleanout children’s and top grade clothes. Why only outside material be shown there? Is it harmful to human skin?
AnswerIt is harmless to human skin. Considering its property of environmental protection, it is more suitable for washing children’s clothes.