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Contact person:  Mr. Junbo Yan
Cell phone: 0086 139 7163 0921
Skype ID:  ecopio or junboyan

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Production lead time:
Generally, it takes 10 ~ 15 working days for a MOQ order.  For some items, it takes 7 ~ 10 working days or 25 ~ 30 working days.  Sometimes, there is enough stocks.  We can ship you very fast.  So, please confirm with us about the delivery before your order.
By exress and by air: because of the location of our city, we always ship from HK via SHENZHEN.  That is the best way to save shipping cost for our clients.
By sea,  we ship from shenzhen, guangzhou, shanghai or other cities required by our clients.
Transportation lead time:
It takes 2 or 3 days from wuhan to shenzhen or HK.  Then, another 5 ~ 7 days from HK to other cities all over the world.
For shipment by sea, it takes 20 ~ 45 days based on different destination seaport.
If you need the shipment urgently, we can also ship from Wuhan by express directly.  But the shipping cost will be much higher than from HK.